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The sale of natural cinnamon essential oils

began sale of natural cinnamon essential oil with the most effective substance in Chashna Company .The essential oil of cinnamon is produced from the branches and leaves of this plant.

For more information about the properties and application of cinnamon essential oil, read the content.

Characteristics of cinnamon essential oil with the most quality

  • Antifungal and bacterial
  • prevent the growth of microorganisms
  • Has a unique aroma.
  • Its yellow color has a higher quality due to freshness
  • Produced in a natural way (water solvent distillation)

Types of application of cinnamon essential oil

  • Use in the food industry
  • Use as preservatives in meat products
  • used in some medications
  • used in alcoholic beverages to modify the flavor
  • Antiseptic and air freshener
  • use in cosmetics products
  • The drug properties of cinnamon
  • treat the waist weakness and feet.
  • Effective in the treatment of anemia
  • Useful in the treatment of muscle pain.
  • Is sexual amplifier.
  • It is vigorous.
  • Lower the fever.
  • Helps blood circulation.
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • to be a therapeutic gastric diseases.

Sales and export of cinnamon essential oils

The possibility of selling cinnamon essential oils and a variety of natural natural essential oils, such as the damask rose essential oil and Tarragon essential oil , are online.

This essential oil is produced with the highest qualitative degree. Chashna company is ready to sell and export cinnamon essential oils to other countries.

If you decide to buy cinnamon essential oils, contact announced numbers.

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