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Selling pure Eryngium essential oil with the best quality

If you are looking to buy the best natural Eryngium essential oil, Chashna Group has started selling pure Eryngium essential oil with the best quality.

Access to this plant was difficult for many people, so experts in traditional medicine produced the essential oil and Herbal Tincture of this plant and offered it by some stores.

 Chashna Company also produced 100% natural Eryngium essential oil for the welfare of consumers and the greater impact of this plant.

By producing and selling pure Eryngium essential oil with the best quality, Chashna has created public access and easy use of this powerful plant.

What is essential oil:

Essential oil is a set of aromatic compounds of plants that are extracted from different parts of plants.

The plants in question become volatile oils or essential oils due to evaporation due to exposure to air.

 The main uses of essential oils are in the pharmaceutical, food, health and cosmetic industries. 

This essential oil, damask essential oil and other essential oils Like cinnamon essential oil are among the most widely used essential oils.

What is a Eryngium plant and what are its compounds?

Flowering plant of the umbrella family: (Apiaceae)
Scientific name: (Eryngium billardieri)

This plant grows in the desert and wild and is harvested for the purpose of treating diseases and application in traditional medicine.

Eryngium is an aromatic plant that contains the active ingredients of bisabolone oxide A and alpha . in the amount of 86.12% in its essential oil.

Eryngium essential oil is obtained by water and steam distillation methods or distillation of each separately.

Due to the many properties that exist in the roots of this plant and its fruit, it is widely used in traditional medicine.

Due to the presence of inulin in this plant and its high similarity to artichoke, it is also called wild artichoke.

Production of Eryngium essential oil with the highest percentage of bisabolone A and alpha oxide:

The main chemical compounds in Eryngium are related to bisabolone A oxide and alpha and in the amount of 86.12%.

Chashna company has been able to buy and selling pure Eryngium essential oil with the best quality with the best methods of extracting essential oils.

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